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Shop Smart: Save Money

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Shopping Style: Vintage Clothing

When you are a shopping style enthusiast, vintage clothes are one of your happiness in life.  However, it needs to overcome tricky and the overwhelming feeling when you are about to purchase a vintage clothing. There are some who displays used clothing on the vintage section. How can you know …

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Tricks to lose weight and feel beautiful

It’s that time of the year when you want to lose weight, wear a pretty dress, and look great in a bathing suit for the summer. Every woman wants to look beautiful in trendy, fashionable clothes, wear some great shoes, and feel gorgeous again. It’s an uphill battle to look and feel fantastic while you’re stressing about your weight gain. Most of us have tried crash diets, last-minute weight loss boot camps, and staying off our favourite foods. While many of these options are successful in the weight loss battle, even helping to lose weight and shed some inches, they are not very long lasting. Often, the weight tends to come back threefold.

Just dieting and working out a little is not going to help maintain a fit and healthy body. Once you slip up or stop exercising or dieting, the body tends to go into an effect called ‘rebound’ effect. The rebound effect is harmful to the body since there is an internal struggle between the body and the mind to maintain the ideal weight and structure. The rebound effect adds the pounds you’ve already lost while adding some more. This is detrimental to your health and motivation. Unfortunately, once the results stop showing, most women halt their progress and go back to being unhappy and demotivated.

We want all our readers to enjoy a fit and healthy life while losing weight to release ‘feel good’ hormones. With these tricks and lifestyle changes, very soon, you would be able to look gorgeous, feel beautiful, and wear the trendiest clothes and accessories you want. Without further ado, let us look into some ways that you can lose weight gradually and healthily.


What you eat is as important as what you wear. There’s no point in wearing your favorite dress with heels if you’re not going to make it look fabulous by filling it out correctly. Whichever diet you choose should make you feel good about yourself. Avoid eating foods that make you feel guilty later. Don’t eat anything that has negative feelings associated with it. Avoid oily fatty foods, and include a lot of fiber, fruits, and green vegetables in your daily diet. Balance your eating habits with regular intake of protein, carbohydrates, minerals, and fats.

If you’re working and have a stressful job, carry your healthy snacks and fruits so that you avoid eating junk food. With summer coming soon, eat fruits like melon and watermelon and drink lots of green juices. Giving your body a balanced meal every two or two and a half hours is the best thing you can do.


Regular exercise helps keep the body fit and the mind alert. Women today lead hectic lives with careers and families to manage simultaneously. Exercising helps lose weight gradually, increases stamina, reduces the risk of diseases, improves focus and concentration, and makes you feel great about yourself. If you’re not fond of going to the gym, take some time out for yourself to go for a brisk walk, jog, or run.

Daily physical activity like learning a new sport, going swimming, playing lawn tennis, joining a dance class, or aerobics class, and so on help in maintaining a fit body, meeting new people, and making successful lifestyle changes. Remember to change your diet according to your level of physical exercise to achieve your dream body.


With the increasing health risks due to inconsistent lifestyles, improper diets, sedentary habits, and stress, many people today are leading unfit and unhealthy lives. Medicines help the body recover from ailments, illnesses, and diseases. There are plenty of doctors who believe in a balance of diet, exercise, and medication for people who want to concentrate on ongoing and gradual weight loss. With a variety of medicines available in the market today, the issue of weight loss is being curtailed successfully.

One such medication is Saxenda. It is an FDA approved, prescription medicine, that can be successfully used when paired with a low-calorie diet and regular physical activity. Saxenda works well with people who face obesity, have type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other weight-related issues.  You can speak to your physician about starting Saxenda after a detailed consultation about your weight loss regime, diet, and fitness schedules.

Slimming down and feeling good is a must when considering newer clothes, the summer, or just having fun. Being healthy and losing weight is achievable through regular exercise, dieting, medication and other options like yoga, sports, and consulting a dietician.

Shop Smart: Save Money

Shopping can take a large amount of your monthly budget. If you have a low income does not hinder you from buying the item you want or need. However, we also want to save money when we shop. You might be wondering how to save money when you shop, here are some advice on how to shop smart.

Make a budget plan.

Before you go shopping, plan ahead. Make a list of expenses on your monthly budget. When you plan, you will become aware of setbacks. It is a bad habit to impulsively buy, much more if the item is expensive.

Take the time to shop around.

We cannot deny the fact, that when we need something we rummage directly in the store. Store owners go through our sense, they make the atmosphere of their stores inviting to make us spend more time around.

But, have you thought that is not the only way to obtain the thing you want to purchase? Ask yourself if you can have the product for free, if not, ask yourself if you can borrow it.

Be cautious with the price.

Some dealers offer a sale at a period of time, however, the sale price is not the best price. You can probably negotiate on some items, there are stores that you can negotiate. Moreover, there are enterprises that accept barter. It is when people exchange goods or services in exchange for your desired item.

Do not be enticed with special offers.

Today, vouchers, coupons, ‘buy one get one’, ‘free gift on purchase’ are being given easily. However, these deals do not make you spend less, it makes you spend more by luring you to buy something you do not need.

Research on the product.

When the product is new to you, you can check on the internet for some reviews. This can also help you know the price of the items offered. There are websites that compare product specifications, so you would know which one is the best to purchase, moreover, there are websites that compare the prices being offered at different stores. Some of the sellers will have the same prices, and some offer their products at a competitor’s price.

Look for more, there might be substitutes for the product.

There are items that do not fit into the budget, however, there could be alternatives that are set on a less costly price. When you spend more time thinking about how to achieve the product, you will be more aware whether the item is a need or a want.

The kind of shopper you and your shopping buddy are.

There are two kinds of shopper based on studies, there are high self-monitor shoppers who purchase to fit into the social construct, and low self-monitor shoppers who purchase products based on their personal preference. Knowing what kind of shopper you are is a nice trait, more so, you have to know what kind of shopper your shopping partner is. They might influence your buying decisions, they might define what is acceptable to you.

Follow these advice, and you better not be guilty anymore of overspending from shopping!

Shopping Style: Best Clothes

We love to shop clothes, don’t we? But as our clothes become expensive, we come to hate it. The most important factor that you have to remember is, do not wait for the time that you need to shop. Instances are when you need it the most, you are not going to find it. Thus, shop often but not too many. With this slow but steady pace, you can create a balanced wardrobe.

When you stumble on a piece of clothing, picture what is in your wardrobe. With that, you will only need one thing to wear it with, and your wardrobe is now complete. Fashion style may evolve through time, but it is okay to choose the same clothing style over and over again.

There are clothes that look stunning but will not look good on you, have an idea that will perfectly suit for your body.

The good rule of thumb for a balanced and budgeted wardrobe is to have known and local designers and brands. Those beautiful prints, meticulous designs of local designers can look expensive. With that, you will still look grand while saving some of your cash.

Shopping Style: Vintage Clothing

When you are a shopping style enthusiast, vintage clothes are one of your happiness in life.  However, it needs to overcome tricky and the overwhelming feeling when you are about to purchase a vintage clothing.

There are some who displays used clothing on the vintage section. How can you know their difference? Most vintage items can be found in thrift stores, what separates it from the used clothing is it still upholds its timelessness of style, historical and cultural significance, and quality.

Did you know that the price of a modern clothing is less expensive than a quality vintage garment and accessory? The modern fashion can be alluring to look at, however, the vintage clothing and accessory were made with more attention, details, and durability.

Be aware of your body proportions, it says much on whether the vintage cloth will perfectly fit you or not. There are some vintage garments that cannot be altered, no matter how you nip or tuck it.

Moreover, it is nice to approach and converse with those people who manage high-end vintage stores, by then you will learn better.